Hi, I'm Zahra

I write code, give talks and design things.

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I'm an iOS and backend developer at Bloomberg LP.

In the office, you'll either find me Swift-ing it up or building and maintaining microservices using Python, Java or JavaScript. Especially JavaScript.

At home, I'm usually writing some JavaScript. Or maybe even not programming at all.

I also have a BSc in Computing from University College London which occasionally comes in handy.

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I'm learning and teaching through public speaking!

A Swift Detour From JavaScript

Progressing From Personal Projects to Production

An Intro to React Native

A Field Guide to Cross-Platform Mobile Development

(Want me to speak at your event? Email me!)

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I <3 intersections of computers and art.

Crafting images with CSS, painting digital portraits, helping improve UX in open source projects: these are all things I do!

But no, I probably won't paint your face.

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